Johnstone Strait kayaking map
Johnstone Strait kayaking map

107 Broughton/Johnstone Strait Kayaking Map

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Created by veteran paddler and BC coastal explorer John Kimantas, the Broughton/Johnstone marine trail mapsheet is designed for both trip planning in advance of your trip and for on-water use as you travel along the coastline – thanks to the durable waterproof paper.

The area covered is the main corridor of Johnstone Strait including famed Robson Bight, the key congregation point for killer whales in their annual migration along northern Vancouver Island. It also covers Broughton Archipelago Provincial Park and the western extent including all of Malcolm Island. 

This mapsheet puts it all together with a large scale regional views, a main map of the core region and side maps for extended reach. In addition, useful travel information will set your whale watching adventure on course.

The 22x32” mapsheet is printed on indestructible waterproof polymer paper, and so will withstand the worst weather your adventure can throw your way.

This map is just one of a line of waterproof mapsheets designed for explorers of the BC coast and its trails, land or water. View the entire line here.

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