304 Texada Island Inside Passage Chart Assistant
304 Texada Island Inside Passage Chart Assistant
304 Texada Island Inside Passage Chart Assistant

304 Texada Island Inside Passage Chart Assistant

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About Texada Island and the Central Georgia Basin: This mapsheet covers the Central Georgia Basin region, including all of Texada Island but also the nearby archipelagos and shores of both Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland. In its entirety, this covers some of the most diverse geography within the inner British Columbia coast, from the entrance to sprawling Jervis Inlet with its myriad waterways and island clusters; to Lasqueti Island and its host of nearby picture-perfect islands; to Hornby and Lasqueti, both amazing locations to explore by land or water; and to the waters of Nanoose, with an accessible archipelago more reminiscent of the outer coast than within the protected Strait of Georgia.

About this mapsheet: The Inside Passage Chart Assistant series is composed of 11 mapsheets designed to enable transit of the British Columbia coast from Washington State to Smith Inlet by using a uniformly scaled and continuous set of mapsheets. Since most mariners use electronic navigation, these mapsheets can be used for logistics and planning where a broad visual overview is necessary. All Chart Assistants are printed on heavy synthetic paper to withstand the toughest conditions. All 11 are available as a package; three of the 300-series mapsheets are being sold individually. The include:

#304 Texada Island.

#305 Jervis Inlet.

#308 Johnstone Strait.

These mapsheets can be used in combination with the Deck Topper series to fill in the vast majority of the southern British Columbia coast. The above three mapsheets use a scale better suited to these locations than can be provided by the Deck Topper series in these locations.

UTM Grid Lines: All 300-series mapsheets include UTM grid lines. Learn to understand and make the most of them.

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