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Understanding and making use of UTM grid lines

If you're a hiker, you are probably familiar with UTM grid lines on your hiking maps. If you are a paddler or mariner, you may not have seen them at all. Even if are a hiker and used to seeing them, you may not have known what they are, and just overlooked them as more clutter on a map. Overlook them no longer! Wild Coast Publishing has added UTM grid lines to all 200-series marine mapsheets, ensuring the entire new lineup of Wild Coast maps -- both marine and trail -- includes UTM grids. This isn't because you are likely to convert from longitude-latitude to UTM coordinates when tracking your routes. If using a GPS, it doesn't really matter too much, just...

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Conquering the Nootka Trail. Well, not really.

One of these days I'm going to figure the right way to hike the Nootka Trail. It hasn't happened yet. It's an interesting little trail that runs the outer length of Nootka Island from Louie Bay on the northwest to the old village site of Yuquot on the southeast. It's about 36 km depending on where you start and how you measure the twists and turns. That and the extent of the beach make it one of the less demanding coastal hikes in British Columbia, but if you know British Columbia coastal hikes, you'll know that doesn't necessarily mean it is easy. There are the rough beaches where you have to jump from boulder to boulder. There are the rough bypasses where...

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Remembering remarkable Audrey Sutherland

It was really Autdrey Sutherland's 20 years spent paddling the Inside Passage and BC coast that made her so legendary, with her and her inflatable kayak logging more than 8,000 miles along waterways little known and rarely explored. 

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