Shipping policy and notifications

Shipping alerts:

1. There are currently no scheduled shipping delays through July and August. Early ordering is advised to avoid issues with receiving orders in time for scheduled trips. 

2. The Wild Coast Publishing office may be closed for renovations from Sept. 6 to Oct. 1. Shipping may not be possible within some of this window. More details will be issued as this date approaches.

General shipping policy and timing: Wild Coast Publishing will generally ship the day following the placement of the order. In many circumstances, shipments can be made the same day if the order is received before 11 a.m.

Most orders will originate from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Normal delivery time through Canada Post for letter mail orders will be four to five business days. Remote, rural locations may take a day or two longer to arrive. International orders will generally be six business days by letter mail, but allow a longer shipping period, as this method of delivery is unpredictable.  

Orders placed by Expedited Parcel or other methods where a tracking number is provided will be delivered as per Canada Post policy. Use the Canada Post tracking number to follow the shipment's progress. You should receive the tracking number with the order fulfillment notification.

Exceptions: Because Wild Coast Publishing is a small, mobile company where trips are often required to groundproof information for new or updated maps, delays are possible of several days or more. There are two possible eventualities:

1. The MV Wild Coast is on assignment but still operating as an office. In this event, shipments will be made as per the general shipping policy, but possibly from a remote location which may add to the shipment time overall.

2. Wild Coast Publishing is not available for shipping as the location or circumstances of travel prohibit responding to orders. 

In the event of either of these circumstances, details will be added to the "Shipping alert" section at the top of this page. 

Timing orders for your trip: We urge customers to order maps early in the planning stages of your trip. Every year we are inundated with requests for last-minute shipments, and orders are placed for letter-mail items but paid for with costly expedited service to ensure the map arrives in time. Ordering ahead will ensure you map is available to you when needed.