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403 Central Strathcona Provincial Park Topographic Trail Map

403 Central Strathcona Provincial Park Topographic Trail Map

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Updated for 2024.

About Strathcona Provincial Park: Strathcona Provincial Park is British Columbia's oldest provincial park  and protects more than 250,000 hectares including much of the most mountainous terrain in the middle of central Vancouver Island. Dramatic peaks, lakes and and forested valleys dominate the landscape. It is a hiker's and explorer's paradise.

About this map: This map puts the centre of Strathcona Provincial Park front and centre. Use it for exploring Phillips Ridge, Elk River, Marble Meadows and routes throughout the region including the three approaches to the Golden Hinde, Vancouver Island's tallest peak.

About the Wild Coast Strathcona Project topographic mapsheet series: The series contains three initial maps -- Forbidden Plateau, South Strathcona and Central Strathcona. Together they work together to focus on distinct regioons and trail groups within the park, with enough overlap to facilitate easy transit for those passing from one sheet to the other. The maps are waterproof and highly durable -- they will be with you long after your electronic equipment fails. 

The three initial Strathcona Project mapsheets are: 

401 Forbidden Plateau: Use for Paradise Meadows, Plateau Trail, Comox Glacier trails and routes, Mount Albert Edward and regional routes to Buttle Lake and south Strathcona.

402 South Strathcona: Use for Della Falls, Mount Myra, Bedwell Lakes, South Flower Ridge and other routes through the region including Cream Lake and Love Lake.

403 Central Strathcona: This includes the region of Strathcona west of Buttle Lake and south of Highway 28, including Elk River, Marble Meadows, Phillips Ridge and approaches to the Golden Hinde, the tallest mountain on Vancouver Island.

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