Explore Victoria: Mount Douglas

 Mount Douglas

This 181-hectare park protects the namesake mountain overlooking Cordova Bay. In 1942 artist Emily Carr painted her last works here, and it is easy to understand why she chose this location. The peak offers sweeping panoramic views—probably the best in Victoria—over a large and healthy Garry oak meadow (one of the finest examples remaining in Greater Victoria). Churchill Drive offers access to the summit, making this an accessible spot for all mobility levels. Cars are only allowed to the summit after noon, so that people with mobility issues can still enjoy the top while hikers and others can enjoy the uphill walk free of automobiles in the morning.

Trails criss-cross the entire park. The Whittaker Trail offers a circle around the park, while the Irvine Trail is a demanding hike starting from near the Cordova Bay Road parking lot. It twists its way toward the Mount Douglas summit. The Mercer Trail connects to Blenkinsop Road and eventually to the Lochside Regional Trail.

The shoreline side of the park is a sandy beach with a picnic area and day use site with washrooms and an information kiosk at the parking lot off Cordova Bay Road.

Mount Douglas Park map

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