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248 South Hakai Kayaking and Boating Map

248 South Hakai Kayaking and Boating Map

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Updated for 2024.

About this region: It is just 82 kilometres from Port Hardy to the south end of Calvert Island, but despite that relatively short distance, the area around South Hakai is among the most isolated and least visited regions along the British Columbia coastline. This is a symptom of the geography – no roads to speak of, no communities beyond what could be described as small encampments, and challenging, volatile water routes to get here.

A common path for visitors to Bella Bella is to head south down Raymond Channel to go as far as your interests, ability and luck with weather take you. An obvious destination is Calvert Island, covered in detail on this mapsheet, but there are enough passages, inlets and lagoons here to keep you busy exploring for a lifetime. A problem can be that good camping locations are few and far between and/or difficult to reach, but when you find one, it is usually sublime – a wilderness getaway about as remote and wild as wild can still be.

About this mapsheet: This mapsheet covers the waterways and archipelagos of the south end of Hakai Lúxvbálís Conservancy and all of Rivers Inlet, including Namu, Fish Egg Inlet, Hakai Passage and Penrose Island Provincial Park. It will be invaluable for an Inside Passage Transit for the area from Rivers Inlet to Namu. The north continuation is mapsheet #249, which includes Bella Bella and the surround archipelagos. 

The mapsheet layout: The layout is a regional overview on the full page of one side, and on the other planning details such as expected water conditions, logistics, the First Nations context and campsite and attraction information.

The mapsheet construction: The mapsheet is created by Wild Coast Publishing using some of the latest technology available to provide a high-quality printed image on waterproof/durable synthetic polymer stock. The stock is picked as the best for the purpose, and is significantly thicker than most papers at 10 mil weight.  Purchase both Hakai mapsheets (mapsheets #248-429) with our Mapsheet Bundle, and save.

About the Wild Coast map series: In 2019, Wild Coast Publishing began embarking on an ambitious program to provide an unbroken series of mapsheets covering the entire BC coastline. The series begins with mapsheet #201 Brooks Peninsula and extends in order down the outer Vancouver Island and up the southern BC coast then finally north through the Inside Passage. You can view the currently available list of mapsheets here. The maps are designed for paddlers and boaters, right down to the size -- a handy 24x18", slightly smaller than a traditional street map and so easy to manage when on the water. Use it as a "deck topper" for easy visualization as you travel on the water, use it around the campfire or your anchorage at night to plan your next day's route, and at home for research when your journey is still in the dream stage. 

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