300 Inside Passage Marine Chart Assistant Series #1: British Columbia South Coast

300 Inside Passage Marine Chart Assistant Series #1: British Columbia South Coast

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New for 2022.

About this series: This is the new Wild Coast flagship product that packages 12 mapsheets to enable transit of the British Columbia coast from Washington State to Smith Inlet in one bundle. The included mapsheets use a uniformly scaled and contiguous/overlapping format to allow seamless planning of your south BC coast transit. Since most mariners use electronic navigation, these mapsheets can be used for logistics and planning where a broad visual overview is desirable. If not required for navigation, this series could replace dozens of Canadian Hydrographic Services charts, saving you hundreds of dollars. You can read more about the Inside Passage series here. All Chart Assistants are printed on heavy synthetic paper to withstand the toughest conditions. The series is loosely bound to allow booklet or individual use/viewing and shipped in a protective mailing tube. Please note: All mapsheets are single-sided only.

Combining with Deck Toppers: These mapsheets can be used in combination with the Deck Topper series to fill in the vast majority of the southern British Columbia coast in greater detail. Use the Inside Passage series for the greater overview necessary for a transit, and use the Deck Toppers to explore destinations of choice. 

UTM Grid Lines: All 300-series mapsheets include UTM grid lines. Learn to understand and make the most of them.

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