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610 Barkley Sound/Broken Group Island Mapsheet 2-Pack

610 Barkley Sound/Broken Group Island Mapsheet 2-Pack

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This package assembles both Barkley Sound 'Deck Topper' mapsheets into one bundle. Included are:

#210 Broken Group Islands Kayaking and Boating Map

#211 Barkley Sound/Deer Group Kayaking and Boating Map

The series is designed to work together with overlaps to ensure a beneficial regional perspective from both maps and no chance of having to navigate between two mapsheet edges. 

About the Wild Coast map series: This series packages the BC coast section by section, and when complete will cover it in its entirety. The maps are designed by paddlers and boaters for paddlers and boaters, right down to the size -- a handy 24x18", slightly smaller than a traditional street map and so easy to manage when on the water. Use it as a "deck topper" for easy visualization as you travel on the water, use it around the campfire (or your anchorage) at night to plan your next day's route, and at home for research when your journey is still in the dream stage. 

The series is conveniently numbered, with #201 starting at Brooks Peninsula on the northwest coast of Vancouver then southward through Kyuquot, Nootka and Clayoquot Sounds around to the Gulf Islands then throughout the BC south coast. Make Deck Toppers your essential on-water companion.

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