240 North Broughtons Kayaking and Boating Map

240 North Broughtons Kayaking and Boating Map

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New for 2022.

About this region: For most kayakers and other visitors, the adventure to the Broughton Archipelago ends well south of the Broughton Islands. For those who make the journey north into the wider region, the adventure begins. Sutlej Channel and Wells Passage give access to an array of interesting coves and waterways rich in wildlife. You may not see the volume of killer whales as those who stay farther south nearer Telegraph Cove, but you will likely see them to the north, plus a rich array of other marine life. This could be one of the great underutilized kayaking destinations on the south coast. 

What's included: One side is the large, regional map showing features and attractions in unrivalled detail, while the opposite side includes logistical and trip planning information to make an accompanying guide book unnecessary. 

The mapsheet construction: This mapsheet uses the latest printing technology to provide a high-quality printed image on waterproof/durable synthetic polymer stock. The stock is is significantly thicker than most papers at 10 mil weight, making it extremely durable.  

New! All 200-series mapsheets now include UTM grid lines. Learn to understand and make the most of them.

Don't forget! This mapsheet is part of a series. Make sure you have the correct mapsheets for your trip, and purchase bundle packages to save $$ if you need more than one mapsheet to complete your adventure!

About the Broughton-Johnstone series: This new series covers the region in unrivalled detail, with each mapsheet designed to cover a specific area with textual support to aid trip planning and logistics. No guide book needed. The series includes:

#238 Broughton-Johnstone. The essential mapsheet for journeys into Johnstone Strait and the Broughton Archipelago, this covers the southern area of Broughton Archipelago and Johnstone Strait to Robson Bight, the killer whale reserve.

#239 Gilford Island. The extension into the northeast section of the region and the interiors waters including Tribune Channel, lower Knight Inlet and Kingcome Inlet.

#240 North Broughtons. The companion to #238, this extends northward covering the northern section of Broughton Archipelago into Grappler Sound including the Broughton Islands. 

#611 The Broughton-Johnstone Expedition Bundle. Get the bundle and save by buying all three together.  

 About the Wild Coast map series: In 2019, Wild Coast Publishing began embarking on an ambitious program to provide an unbroken series of mapsheets covering the entire BC coastline. The series begins with mapsheet #201 Brooks Peninsula and extends in order down the outer Vancouver Island and up the southern BC coast then finally north through the Inside Passage. You can view the currently available list of mapsheets here. The maps are designed for paddlers and boaters, right down to the size -- a handy 24x18", slightly smaller than a traditional street map and so easy to manage when on the water. Use it as a "deck topper" for easy visualization as you travel on the water, use it around the campfire or your anchorage at night to plan your next day's route, and at home for research when your journey is still in the dream stage. 

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